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Sorry, we are not taking any bookings for March & April ‘24 as we don’t wish to contribute to over tourism. We are a small family run company and do private bespoke tours only. Will be happy to host you from last week of April '24 onwards. Truly appreciate it. Happy travels & connect soon.

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Welcome to the world of Bridge To Bhutan's unique tours and experiences...

You may have traveled the world…
gone great distances to experience that one special moment;

You may have gazed into eyes filled with wonder and hope…
and seen people touched by your presence;

You may have seen the beautiful and the amazing...
celebrated the diversity of nature and cultures that the world has to offer.

With Bridge To Bhutan, you will do all that and more!
Come with us! And see where your next journey takes you!

Experience the "Bridge To Bhutan" difference!


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You will agree with us when we say getting to Bhutan is only half the fun; the other half starts here. We understand that putting together a near-perfect itinerary can be a feat in itself. However, with Bridge To Bhutan (B I I B), deciding and booking your trip to Bhutan could not be easier. We are here to help you realize your dreams and wishes for a lifetime travel experience in Bhutan. We are innovative, daring, and experienced in offering advice and designing itineraries to suit your own personal tastes and preferences.

B I I B was conceived out of the founders' concern for Bhutan's sustainability and their desire to help bring solutions to the table. Modeled to be a social enterprise, B I I B is dedicated to delivering authentic and sustainable travel options to travelers visiting Bhutan.

B I I B was built on the power of conscious travel and a vision of maximizing the positive impact of your every interaction. Recognizing the increasing demand for responsible and sustainable tours and their immense benefits, the founders saw the need to intimately bridge eager visitors with Bhutan, producing an enriching and mutually beneficial experience.

Equally important has been Our Commitment to conducting business in a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible manner, a commitment that stems from B I I B's Mission Statement and Guiding Principles.

To visit Bhutan with Bridge To Bhutan gives the truly discerning individual the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the excitement, splendor, and magic that is increasingly drawing many adventurers to this mysterious kingdom. We look forward to bringing you the best of Bhutan!


connecting people,
and spirit

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