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Saving the White-bellied Heron

January 24, 2009 By: Bridge to Bhutan Category: Environment, Sustainable Development


Habitat encroached? A line of trucks on the banks of Punatsangchhu

The rare and endangered White-bellied Heron, spotted mainly along the Punatsangchhu basin in Punakha, might, after all, have a protected home.

With major developmental activities taking place along the Punatshangchhu area to generate 10,000 MW by 2020, there was a concern among nature conservationists that the activities and growing population in the area would severely alter or destroy the habitat for the birds. And although the upper Phochhu area was declared protected for White-bellied Herons in 2007, the Natural Resources Development Corporation Ltd. (NRDCL) recently asked the government to lift the ban on quarrying operations in the area to meet the growing demand for sand. (more…)

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Phobjikha’s eco-friendly electrification

January 20, 2009 By: Bridge to Bhutan Category: Environment, News

19 January, 2009 – As the winter roosting ground to one of the most endangered bird species in the world, for the people of Phobjikha valley in Wangduephodrang the black-necked cranes meant living without electricity. 

Not anymore. By 2011 end, the valley of 800 households, who use solar electricity, will finally get electricity by both underground and overhead cables. The solar panels had been provided by the royal society for the protection of nature (RSPN).

The total project area covers 165 sq km and work on the 33/11 kV main sub station at Tabadin, above the Druk Seed office, will begin by March this year, said senior manager of the urban electrification division, Bhutan power corporation (BPC), Pradeep M Pradhan.

“Initially, it was totally underground but, since the cost was coming very high, we made some changes,” said Pradeep M Pradhan. “Now it’s underground only in the main valley, the crane area.” (more…)

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The 44 Places to Go in 2009

January 12, 2009 By: Bridge to Bhutan Category: News, Tourism & Bhutan

NY Times 11th January 2009: From the Aegean Sea to Zambia, this year’s most compelling destinations are awash in sublime landscapes, cutting-edge art, gala music festivals, and stylish new resorts.

…Reaching Nirvana gets increasingly Chic. Luxurious eco-aware resorts continue to shoot up all over the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, ensuring that well-heeled travelers never have to suffer monkish privations….Explore temples of indulgence…


Bridge To Bhutan specializes in customizing Boutique Travel itineraries with accomodations in the boutique resorts (‘temples of indulgence’).

Happy Travels in 2009!

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Fears for Bhutan national animal, Takin

January 11, 2009 By: Bridge to Bhutan Category: News, Tourism & Bhutan

Source-BBC: The mountain kingdom of Bhutan is trying to protect its national animal, the Takin, from extinction.

Legend has it that the creature was created from the bones of a goat and a cow [by the Divine Madman] but there are thought to be fewer than 1,000 left in the country.

Charles Haviland visited the national Takin reserve to discover more about the unusual animal.Check out the short 3 minute video.


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