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Bhutan’s well-wisher & a guest of Bridge To Bhutan launches a book on Gross National Happiness (GNH)

September 25, 2010 By: Bridge to Bhutan Category: Gross National Happiness, News, Tourism & Bhutan

“The Magic Of Gross National Happiness” book launch

At the launch: Unveiling the magic of GNH

Book Launch 11 September, 2010 – An American author who journeyed through Bhutan to explore what the mystical kingdom bore, was intrigued to find “The magic of gross national happiness” that soon translated into book.

This was the fifth book Doris Lee McCoy authored, which was launched at the Tarayana foundation conference hall yesterday.

Doris said people across the world were beginning to realise the importance of happiness.

“We have 26 happiness clubs in America,” she said.

Bhutan, she said, was the eighth happiest nation in the world, while America stood 23rd, Germany 35th, and England 41st.

Doris took eight months to complete the book, which, she said, was initially planned at 24 pages grew as she began adding depth to it.

“I wanted people to learn from this book,” she said. “What’s wonderful is that you indeed have shown the world about happiness and I feel honoured to be able to give an outsider’s appreciation of you.”

She said the four pillars of GNH splitting into nine domains gave specifics for other countries to be able to use as an example they might also use in theirs.

Besides an author, Doris, PhD is an interviewer, psychologist, international keynote speaker, TV moderator and producer.

Source:  Kuenga Tendar (Kuensel)

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